We want to be up front about our pricing, we don't want to leave you calculating dollar per hour cost. We give you an up front quote based upon your projects needs.

Each service is divided into pricing tiers. We charge a basic flat fee for each service. Prices may vary based on project size. If your project requires hired talent, licensed music, or extremely high end equipment, additional fees may be assessed.



Tier 1: $60*

Basic short video shoot. 12-24 edited photos. Full access to all raw files.

Tier 2: $200*

Longer more in depth shoot. 25+ photos. Advanced editing may be required. Full access to all raw files.

Tier 3: $500*

Multiple day shoot. As many photos as needed. Advanced editing required. Full access to all raw files.


Tier 1: $250*

basic half day shoot. perfect for short events or short movies. basic editing required. Full access to raw files.

Tier 2: $750*

More complicated and in depth projects. Full day shoot. Medium length video. requiring some advanced editing. Full access to raw files.

Tier 3: Starting at $2000*

Large scale productions requiring advanced editing and advanced cinematography. Full access to raw files.


Tier 1: $60*

Basic photo edit requiring for under 50 photos

Basic video requiring basic editing and effects.

Tier 2 $200*

Large photo editing jobs requiring in depth editing or hundreds of photos.

Average length video or short movie requiring a moderate amount of effects and heavy editing.

Tier 3 starting at $500*

Large projects requiring advanced editing and in depth special effects work. Projects requiring many hours to complete.


*Prices may vary based on project requirements


Custom Quote

We offer custom quotes for any project. This gives us the ability to take on projects that are outside the limits of our service tiers. Visit our contact page and contact us on one of the listed forms of communication with the details of your project. We will respond within 24 hours with a custom quote tailored to the individual characteristics of your project.